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Fitness Programs For The Rich and Famous

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Three Types Of Exercise That are Good for Fitness

Ballroom dancing and other dance forms
Ballroom dancing and other dance forms are very popular worldwide. Some may involve moderate physical activity, but some dance forms like Gymnastics, Zumba and Tango involve more effort, and can keep you more fit. They burn calories, improve coordination and keep your heart healthy.

Group Personal Training
Outdoor group personal training Mosman has become very popular in recent years with more and more fitness groups opening up each month. And for good reason, the benefit of group personal training over 1-1 is the shared cost and motivation that comes with group fitness.

group personal training mosman

Outdoor games
Outdoor games like basketball, volleyball, rugby, soccer/ football, baseball and others can keep you really fit. You have to be on the field alert and alive running, throwing, kicking, coordinating and sweating. These sports also last for a good amount of time, improving the overall fitness of the body. It also improves the bone and muscle strength, burns high amount of calories and again keeps your heart fit.

5 Tips on Post-Workout Recovery

post workout recovery

Training intensively is good for you when you want to build stronger and larger muscles, but there are limits to how often and how hard you should train, and you should be careful not to cross them.

If you train reasonably, you avoid the nagging pains that excessively long or heavy workouts bring about. Soreness is natural and hard to eliminate completely, but, at least, you will be able to control it and eliminate that post-workout discomfort that many athletes complain about.

Recovery Is as Important as Training

Your muscles will grow and will be stronger if they are subject to specific forces that produce small tears in their fibers. The recovery period is meant to allow the fibers’ repair and the appearance of new blood vessels in the stressed area. As a result, the cell components that generate energy will develop, and bone density will increase as well.

All these positive transformations occur only if your body benefits from sufficient rest and recovery. If you continue to exercise without recovering, you will get no results and you will probably lose your motivation.

Is Soreness Normal after a Workout?post workout recovery

Soreness is normal after a workout, but excessive soreness is an indication that something is wrong in your exercising routine. You either exaggerated with the volume or intensity of your training or you did not pay sufficient attention to recovery.

Soreness usually peaks after 24-48 hours following the workout. If you experience stiff joints and light muscle tenderness, do not worry: this is normal. However, if you feel your muscles extremely painful when you touch them, or you experience a sharp pain in the joints, this is not normal and you should pay special attention to your body’s need to recover after the workout.

Five Tips That Will Help You Recover Better

  • Watch your nutrition – after your workout sessions, you have to eat something within maximum one hour; failing to do so will result in a lack of carbohydrate energy for the next workout session, in your body’s impossibility to provide enough protein to fuel the muscle repair process, and in an insufficiency of fat to be burnt and used to support the joints’ recovery and the release of growth hormones.
  • Good hydration is a must – dehydration is probably the most important consequence of a tough workout; you should drink 20-24 oz of water for each hour of training; if your urine is clear or light yellow, everything is ok, but if it is dark yellow, this is a sign that you are not hydrated properly.
  • Massage or light movement can help you avoid excessive soreness, pushing inflammatory fluids away from your muscles.
  • Good blood circulation improves the speed of the recovery process; a walk in the park or a slow, leisure bike ride is perfect to activate your blood circulation, but so are an ice bath and alternative hot and cold showers.
  • Ointments can also help you eliminate soreness, by relieving the pain and offering a cooling, refreshing sensation.

Above everything else, do not forget that your body warns you when something is wrong or it needs something. You just need to pay attention to its signals and act accordingly.


Join Bootcamp Sydney for Constant Motivation

Boot Camp Sydney

Fitness industry statistics say that about 75% of people who embark on self managed fitness regimes give up on their attempts in the first few months. The percentage is even higher for people who are exercising for the first time. Industry research also proves that people who have enrolled in bootcamps have a 50% more chance of reaching their fitness goals than people who train at home or the gym. The basic reason for these different statistics is “motivation”.

What makes bootcamps so motivating?

Bootcamp Sydney regime is useful for people of all ages and belonging to all occupations. However it’s especially useful for those dedicated couch potatoes who have never been motivated enough to set their foot inside a gym.

To understand the reason for high motivation and focus typically found inside bootcamps in Sydney it’s important to understand the set up of a boot camp. Bootcamps are inspired by the American Army new recruit training program which are a staple part of military lie. The exercises are all high intensity varieties punctuated by short rest periods in between. The trainers are all people who have made a living out of coaching, mentoring and pushing people on the way to fitness.

Dear Friend,

Dan Clay Dangerously Fit Owner knows exactly how to motivate people and walk in their shoes, Check out some of the reasons people join The Dangerously Fit boot camp in Sydney:

You are here because…

  • You would love to have the killer body you always dreamed of, but you don’t want to go to boring gyms and follow strict diets.
  • You are struggling to lose that spare tire around your waist.
  • Your weight is becoming harder to control as you get older.

Look no further… you’ve come to the right place.

Motivation for achieving fitness goals

On your first day at a typical Boot Camp Sydney you will face a battery of physiological and pshychological tests designed to map your physical state and stamina. Now depending upon your personal health goals and the physical condition of your body, the fitness trainer will assign some structured fitness milestones to you. These milestones may be related to weight loss, endurance and stamina increase or speed training.

The milestones are set in a way that will push your body out of its comfort zone. You will always find your trainer egging you on to constantly better your performance. Slowly you will get into the habit of self motivation and discipline.

Bootcamp Sydney

Dangerously Fit Bootcamp Sydney crew. Training together is the best way to keep each other motivated and get the coach support.

Motivation from your support group

Almost all participants who successfully complete a Sydney bootcamp regime have their own support groups composed of fellow participants. You will start off discussing health issues, exercise tips with each other and end up counseling and motivating each other to perform better.

The slight tinge of healthy competition that is always present at Boot Camp Sydney will also motivate you to keep your fitness regime under strict adherence.

How this will help you in real life?

The Boot Camp Sydney regime will end one day but if you had really put your heart into fitness training then the habits will stay on forever. You will become elf motivated enough to embrace new challenges and work on them with the dedication and grit of a true sportsman.

Whenever you think that your goals are unachievable you will remember your early bootcamp days and draw inspiration from how you managed to achieve your goals. The lessons you learn in Boot Camp Sydney will motivate you to always perform better.

Personal Training Gold Coast Will Push You to Reach Your Fitness Goals

personal training gold coast

Fitness is not easy to achieve when you are used to the comforting yet damaging routine of a sedentary lifestyle with lots of junk food. Everyday it’s easier to push away your conscience which keeps telling you to exercise and keep watching television on your favourite couch. Well if you really want to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle then you must hire a personal training Gold Coast and push yourself to become fitter.

Save some precious time

You are only going to be as fit as your exercise regime. With normal exercise regimes (solo activities like jogging, treadmill, cycling etc) achieving fitness will take one hour per day for many months. Are you sure that you have over an hour to spare for exercise every day from your hectic working life?

If your answer is no then you better make the switch to personal training in the Gold Coast. The bootcamp regime is intense, short and packed in a powerhouse combination of scientifically designed exercises. Your body will get pushed into a metabolic zone where it continues to burn calories even when you are sleeping or sitting.

Gold Coast Fitness Expert Dan Clay say’s…

The truth is that most people don’t have access to the right information and guidance to help them achieve results that are long lasting.

They try to get motivated but when the results aren’t there, they lose their momentum.

They think, “I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong!” And they may get frustrated and give up.

Gain from assistance by trainers           

The personal trainers Gold Coast are people who have made fitness their livelihood. There is a reason why most people who try unguided exercise routines fail. There is simply nobody to tell them how hard to work out and how to overcome glitches. Things become boring quickly and they quit.

personal training gold coast

Personal training gold coast will push you past your limits till you reach your fitness goals

The trainers at bootcamps make sure that participants never get discouraged or side tracked from their demanding exercise routines. If you have joined personal trainer in Gold Coast and you are simply not in the mood for exercise, your trainer will make sure that you get in the right frame of mind.

Benefit from whole body exercises

Personal training Gold Coast will focus on interval training and whole body exercises. These exercises will work out each and every muscle of the body even those that you didn’t know existed. If you do only cardio or just strength training, your body will reach weight loss plateau as it grows comfortable with the exercise routine.

Push-ups, lunges, high jumps, squats, pull us and jumping jacks are only some of the exercises you will encounter. At the end your body is far more benefitted than it would have gained in a normal gym routine.

Enjoy the social space

Gold Coast personal trainers are popular for a reason. Participants actually love the social interaction, friendly competition and fresh banter that go on in the outdoor group exercise sessions. You won’t even feel that exercise is a chore when you engaged in a bootcamp regime. Unlike closed indoor exercises, the invigorating outdoor air makes working out easy and fun for you. You will always want to outdo and outperform the fellow participants in your bootcamp group and this is why you will push your body harder. At the end it all boils down to motivation and there is always plenty of it in with Gold Coast Personal Training.

Personal Trainer Sydney – Tips for Generating Leads

Personal Trainer Sydney

Boot camps have evolved into a great business opportunity of sorts. Over the years, people associated with the health and fitness sectors have come to realize the potential boot camps hold. Like-minded fitness enthusiasts like Dangerously Fit are very much interested in the idea of setting up a fitness boot camp for the benefit of all the others who’ve outgrown going to the gym to stay in shape. Personal Trainer Sydney is running successfully and have managed to spread their loyalty-base with the passage of time. Do you want to do the same for your fitness company? Do you want to up the business but don’t know how? Read on…

For Free is Better than Discounts

Free is fabulous. Discounts are dangerous. If you really want to earn a good consumer-base for your boot camp, do not offer introductory discounts. Simply because it will take away the charm and value of your services. Here’s a simplified explanation. If you were to offer your services to new members at discounted rates for a fortnight, you will face a terrible time later.

When the special-offer period ends, you will have a hard time trying to win back the client to pay up for the remaining period and enjoy a membership status at Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer Sydney. So the best remedy is to offer FREE services in the beginning.

I’m About to Make this the Easiest Decision Of Your Life

Here is an example of how to make people feel safe when they are scared of making an investment in their health, check what Dan Clay from Dangerously Fit offers:

We know how tough in can be to lose weight when you have to rely on boring, traditional, steady state workouts to get in shape. That’s why our boot camp is packed with fun, high-intensity, super-energizing workouts that are scientifically designed to burn 9 times the fat than steady-state cardio workouts.


Perhaps the one way for you to create new business leads for your boot camp, would be by advertising yourself well. For any business to establish itself or stay afloat in the market, the correct advertising tactics are required, If you’re financially strong, you need not rely on distributing flyers and pamphlets. Stretch your limits. Sponsors a local sports team, and you could have your Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer Sydney brand’s name right up there on the team’s jerseys. It’s one of the proven marketing tactics in the health and fitness industry.

Personal Trainer Sydney

Here is an example of Dangerously Fit Advertising:

Create Partnerships

It is common for anyone to experience a feeling of tedium after being involved over a period of time. Same goes for a Dangerously Fit Personal Training. A good way to keep your clientele happy as well as find new clients, is to create partnerships with others in the industry.

For instance, many fitness company members develop an inkling to do something which is outside of the activity of the boot camp. Let’s say, Yoga. What you could do is, get into a merger with a few yoga studios and establish an exchange program. That means, once in every two or three months, you could swap your students, and let them join the yoga class – in order to rejuvenate. The yoga studio could do the same.

Refer a Friend

Nothing spreads faster than a good word about something good. Word of mouth publicity is an effective form of advertising. And for something such as a Personal Trainer Sydney, you can definitely expect something good to come out of it. If you want to employ this technique, you introduce the Refer-a-Friend scheme in your Group Fitness class. If you want to promote your brand, why look further?  Let your current clients do the job for you.

Refer a friend at Dangerously Fit and receive 50% discount on your membership!

Easy Tips to Burn Extra Calories

Balance your lifestyle with exercise

Obesity is a big issue of concern nowadays and it’s not that people are not concerned about it. But the problem remains to persist as people are not being able to cope up with it as they don’t know the proper way out. You may have a treadmill and you walk a couple of miles on it, but you are not getting any result.

What is the reason? It could well be the case that you don’t know the actual requirement of exercise to lose the weight you wish to. Fitness instructors have some interesting and easy tips for you to lose weight before your obese becomes your nightmare.

You can also visit the healthinsite page where you will find great tips to lose weight.

Start Losing Weight

Chose diet and physical activity changes that you can make a part of your daily routine

Starting the Day is the Key

The amount of calorie you can lose day depends on the way you start your day. A planned and healthy start could ease your hurdle. Fuelling the machine first is very important at the very beginning. Fitness trainers consider that workout will be of no use if start in an empty stomach and make you fatigued during the exercise.

So load yourself with light but necessary snack before the kick start. One of the best snack would be the combination of protein and carbohydrate.

How to go about the exercise

It is important to increase the metabolic rate at the start of the session. A high metabolic rate will make you longer with the exercise and that will help to burn more calories in lesser time.

Balance your lifestyle with exercise

Weight training  burns a lot more calories than you think

Start the workout in a slow pace and then, if your body permits, you can increase the pace to push your limits. That will help you to burn more calories than doing the other way round. Then you can avail the interval training. That will benefit you with more efficiency to go for a longer run, rather keeping the session going in a uniform constant pace.

It will also enhance your fitness level and will keep you out from the unwanted cramps and other kinds of injuries. Keep a conscious balance between weight lifting and cardio. Your fitness instructor would advise you not to give too much effort to the cardio before weight lifting as that will not enhance your weight lifting capacity and may affect your muscles.

This process is not only applicable on the daily basis. If you intensify your workout session each day and push yourself more than the day before you will be rewarded with a quicker result than you initially anticipated.

Join a gym or a fitness Group

Whatever you do at your place with the help of the expert’s advices, there is no better option than doing the same at the physical presence of the experts. Join a gym or a fitness group to avail a state of the art facility and up-to-date equipments to ease your workout.

With the company of other enthusiasts and at the constant monitoring of the trainers, burning calories will so much fun. Explore your limits to the new height with the help of our trainers and leave the worries of weight gain and obesity permanently.

Healthy Food Swap

Visit to find out easy ways to swap for better and healthier food.

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